Mill Roll Stand

ZJ-Y Hydraulic shaft less mill roll stand

Technical specifications:
Control type: whole hydraulic type
Working width: Max1600mm, Min800mm
Diameter of paper reel: max ¢1500mm, Min ¢350mm
Single side max loading: 3000kg
Mill roll stand main shaft diameter: ¢215mm
Pneumatic work pressure: 0.6~0.9MPa
Total power: 4.0kw
Working power: 380V, 50Hz
Whole machine dimension: 3650×1600×1680(L×W×H)(when shift swing)

Hydraulic parts:
Working pressure: 12~16 MPa
Hydraulic working area (swing): ¢100mm×460mm
Hydraulic diameter (clamp): ¢63mm×720mm
Hydraulic station power: 4.0kw, continue work
Hydraulic station: 220V, 50Hz
Structure characteristics:
Symmetrical design that can be loaded without stopping the machine.
Hydraulic control. Lifting and lowering, open-close and right-right adjustments of arms are operated by hydraulic system
Pneumatic control for web tension
Tapered center design

Main bought-in parts, raw materials and origin:
1. Main shaft of mill roll stand: Qualified thick seamless steel pipes, origin: Chengdu
2. Wall plate two sides: steel 20# origin: Hebei
3. Clamp arms: HT250 casting, origin: Hebei
4. Main beam connecting channel steel: 280mm origin: Angang
5. Bearing: from Ha, Wa, Luo
6. Electric system: Chint China.
7. Pneumatic parts: Airtac and Zaozhuang, Origin: Taiwan and Shandong
8. Hydraulic parts: Beiye group(Huade) Origin: Taiwan and Shandong

Electrical Mill Roll Stand

1. The stand's structure is symmetrical and can load two rolls of paper at the same time.
2. Paper rolls can be changed without stopping the machine.
3. Effective working width: 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000mm
4. Max. raw paper dia: Ø1600mm
5. Min. raw paper size: Ø400mm×900mm
6. Max. load of single arm: 1500kg.
7. The length of the steel rail is 4500mm.
8. Use disk brake, have handle and electrical models. (can choose.)
9. The clip head is made from cast-iron and also comes in a double expanded optional model.
10. Electrical elements are centrally controlled, improving efficiency

Technological parameters:
1. Paper roll frame working model: Mechanical electrical operation.
2. Paper roll length scope: Max.: 1600mm Min.:900mm
3. Paper roll diameter scope: Max.: 1400mm Min.:400mm
4. Single side max. load: 1500kg.
5. Motor power: (all are planet cycloid motor)
1) Clip motor: 0.75KW 4units 380V 50HZ
2) Up and down motor: 2.2KW 1unit 380V 50HZ

Paper roll up-dolly and rail
1) Stable rolling with a directional leading wheel on the dolly.
2) Each roll stand has two paper roll sending rails, it can load the rolls on both sides simultaneously.

Electromotion Shaft stand

The channel mill roll stand allows for easy paper loading and quick dispensing for small and medium factory settings.
The size of machine: 1600mm
The power: 2.2KW
Machine size: 1800x1700x1400mm