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Partition Assembler

The partition slotter is a corrugated cardboard machine that forms slots in cardboard boxes that can then be filled with specially cut partition pieces in the partition assembler. The machine has 6 working axes to form several precise cuts simultaneously. It also features 6 shaving paper tools to clear scraps of paperboard at all times during operation.

Automatic cardboard assemble machine parts list
Number Name Quantity Remark
1 Auto insert cardboards device 1set Cardboard output: double station Cardboard assemble: cross
2 Transport cardboard device 1set
3 Pneumatic system 1set Air compressor machine ,customer prepare
4 Electrical equipment 1set PLC,Servo system control

The partition assembler takes the corrugated board that was previously cut by the partition slotter and puts it together to create a package that has separate spaces for various products.

Model Machine dimension Power(KW)
KSJ 450-2S 5*1.8*1.8m 8.0
KSJ 450-3S 6.2*2.0*1.8m 8.0
KSJ 450-2D 5*1.8*1.9m 9.0
KSJ 450-3D 6.2*2.0*1.9m 9.0

Design speed: 40-60sers/min
Air pressure: common pressure 0.6-1.0Mpa
Electric: 380V 50Hz 3phase 4line
Machine working direction: as per customer plant

The technical parameter
Name Size Data
Crosswise insert ion width A mm KSJ 450-2 model
120-700 Single out
120-320 Double out
KSJ 450-3model
120-900 Single out
120-420 Double out
Crosswise feeding cardboards length B mm 120-450
Grating height C mm 80-300
lengthways cardboards insert ion spacing D mm 20-250
Crosswise cardboards insert ion spacing D mm KSJ 450-2 model
50-115 2insert double out
50-230 2 insert single out
50-250 4 insert single out
KSJ 450-3model
50-110 3 insert double out
50-225 3 insrt single out
50-128 6 insrt single out
Cardboard slot width mm >cardboard thickness
Cardboard thickness mm 1.5-8mm

Customer prepare parts list
1. Air pressure machine 1 set
Gas displaement quantity>0.72m2/min working gas displacement pressure >=1.25Mpa
2. Power supply, electric wire
3. Pneumatic supply wire
4. Lubricating oil, Lubricating grease

Debugging machine
1. Orignal paper >= B
2. Orignal paper water 11%+-1%
3. Face paper >105g/m2
4. Core paper >105g/m2
5. Corrugated paper >105g/m2
6. Grating cardboards with bevel connection