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4 Head Paper Tube Making Machine, KS -200

Main technical parameter
1.Tube diameter : Φ50-Φ200㎜
2.tube thickness: 2-15㎜
3.work speed: 0-15m/min(according the paper class and size
of the tube speed different)
4.paper cut length: 1-4m
5.motor power: main motor 11KW cutter 0.75KW
6.control way: inverter
7.tranmission model: reduce and chain transmit
8.cut model: infrared control, auto track cutting
9.cut error: even speed 2 mm
10.belt: the annular canvas belt 2pcs
11.shaft for curl tube: Φ76㎜ (1piece)
12.glue stand: spring model glue stand (25ply paper standard)
13.paper stand: movable lifting stand (25 ply standard)
14.bottom stand: pneumatic stand (standard)

1.Match double shaft digital control cutter device, cutter table with the paper tube sametime movement,
high accrate sametime cut tube
2.Cut table include the precition ball screw and high quality
servo motor drive
3.Main motor adopt high torque inverter adjust speed, 5 gear
adjuster,one gear stepless speed adjuster
4.Adopt plc logic control system, colorful touch screeen
man-machine operate
5.Encoder measure length control, in differnet speed gurantee the cut lenght accurate
6.Modular electrical and air design, let use and maintain, repair more convinent
7.with mult function bottom supply device,paper break, auto alarm .
8.lowe noise disign
9.match with paper stand, and glue stand, paper guide union device, total electrical adjust