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4 Head Paper Tube Making Machine, KS-300

Main parameter
1.Tube diameter: Φ50-Φ300㎜
2.tube thickness: 2-15㎜
3.work speed: 0-15m/min (according the paper class and
size of the tube speed different)
4.tube cut length: 1-5m
5.motor power: main machine 18KW cutter 0.75KW
(single knives)
6.control model: inverter
7.transmission model: reducer motor and chain transmit
8.cut model: infrared control, auto track cutting
9.cut error: even speed 3 mm
10.belt: he annular canvas belt 2 pcs
11.curl tube shaft: Φ76㎜ (standard )
12.glue supply stand: spring glue supply (standard)
13.paper stand: fix model lifting stand (standard 30 ply )
14.bottom stand device: wheel style device (standard)

1.automatic cut, fall tube and automatic supply glue
2.when cutting tube, automatic change speed, and reset, disc cutter automatic cut, cut side even, and machine more steady
3.inverter adjust speed control can save 30% electrical than popular electromagnetic variable -speed motor
4.infrared control, paper tube length accurate