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4 Head Paper Tube Making Machine, KS-600

Main parameter
Paper layer 5-52 layers
Inner core diameter 305-605 mm
Thickness 2-30 mm
Winding speed 0-3 m/min
Cut-to-length mode Numerical control
Winding head Four heads
Cutting method High speed saw cutting
Gluing method Double-sided gluing
Control method Numerical control
Input voltage 380V/220V
Number of operators 1-3
Total weight 11000 kg

1.Automatic cut, fall tube and automatic supply glue
2.when cutting tube, automatic change speed, and reset, disc cutter automatic cut, cut side even, and machine more steady
3.inverter adjust speed control can save 30% electrical than popular electromagnetic variable -speed motor
4.infrared control, paper tube length accurate

Main motor power 49.5 kW
PLC controller Specially equipped
HMI Specially equipped
Frequency converter ENERGY
Electrical components Omron/Chint
Signal element Omron/Pefun
Button/emergency stop Siemens
Pneumatic Components Airtac/tianao/detai/chengdi