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Glue Trap Board Making Machine

The glue trap board making machine is designed to produce a variety of pest control traps, including fly trap boards, mouse trap board and insect yellow boards.

The multi-function single row glue trap board machine is designed for the efficient production of mouse trap board, fly trap board, cockroach trap board and other insect trap board. Updated with PLC control, this glue trap board machine has been equipped with automatic feeding, gluing, clip placement, and folding functions, allowing it to reach a capacity of up to 3000-5000 pieces per hour.

This fully auto mouse glue trap machine is an incredibly efficient production tool that is used to manufacture mouse trap boards. It offers a wide variety of integrated functions, including automated paper feeding, folding, gluing, material sprinkling, clip placement and board assembly.

The high speed fly sticky trap making machine is a top-of-the-line piece of equipment that offers a number of advantageous features. Its high performance makes it a popular choice among users in the market, including:
This sticky trap making machine features a fast and sturdy, reinforced roller coater in order to apply glue efficiently and reliably.

This automatic glue trap board making machine is used to glue and laminate release paper for the production of various products such as cockroach trap boards, insect trap boards, and white cardboard mouse glue traps. It is capable of functioning at a high speed, with maximum efficiency, and a high level of precise control.

Our insect/fly glue trap machine is an acclaimed professional production equipment that can streamline processes such as gluing, composite lamination, cutting, punching, and counting. The integration of this machine into the production process can drastically improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.