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3/5 ply Corrugated Board Production Line

WJ80-1600-Ⅱmodel 5 ply corrugated board production line

Production line parameters and requirements
1. Paperboard max width: 1600mm
2. Design speed: 80m/min
3. Work speed: 60m/min(5ply); 70m/min(3ply)
Cardboard equipment temperature must remain above 172 degrees Celsius during operation
Base paper no less than B class
Moisture: 11%±2%
(1) face paper:100--250g/m2
(2) core paper:100--250g/m2
(3) flute paper:100--200g/m2

4. Flute style: C, B and custom flutes
5. Steam requirement
(1) steam volume 2500--3000Kg/Hr
(2) max pressure: 1.2Mpa
(3) popular pressure: 0.8-1.1Mpa

6. Power: According clients' needs
7. Machine total power: about 150KW
Actual electrical usage: about 80KW (total speed)

8. Ground area: about 60m×10m×5m
9. Paper discharge: according the buyer's workshop to left or right
10. Equipment use: can use A, B, C class China base paper or import base paper
(1) Steam suppler system, 2000Kg/Hr steam boiler pressure 1.25Mpa steam pipe
(2) Air compressor, air pipe, glue feeding pipe
(3) Power and wire connection to the worktable
(5) Machine trial base paper, corn starch, sodium hydroxide, borax

Model Equipment name Unit QTY Remark
ZJ-F-1600 Mill roll stand set 5 Internal expansion brake, manual brake ,mechanical motor control up and down, left and right and centering
Railing set 10 Length:4510mm, welded medium steel(10mm)
RG-1-600 Preheater set 2 Diameter 600mm, pressure vessel certificate, electrical adjustment the angle, scale during 60-270°
RG-1-600 Core preheater set 2 Diameter 600mm,pressure vessel certificate, electrical adjustment of the angle, scale during 60-270° ajust the paper heat area
SF-280S Fingerless single facer set 2 Diameter of corrugating roller ¢ 280mm, material 52CrMo alloy steel, gimbal transmission
RG-3-600 Triple preheater set 1 Diameter 600mm, pressure vessel certificate electrical adjustment of the angle, scale during 60-270° adjust the paper heat
GM-B Doube glue machine set 1 Glue roller diameter ¢ 242mm , anilox of surface roller, manual adjustment of coat size, press roller adopt pneumatically controlled up and down motion
DF Feeding bridge 1 1 Vacuum suction system, motorized left-right adjustment
SM-S Double facer set 1 Dryer part 600x15mm, electrically controlled up and down motion of the press roller, oil-immersed lubrication
ZQS High speed thin blade slitter Set 1 Electrically controlled motion, 5 knives, 8 creasing knives
NC-80 NC CUT OFF set 1 Servo control straight knives, 10.4 inch touch screen
DMT-120 Right angle stacker set 1 Electrically adjusted board size ,and pneumatic control of the cross feeding board
ZJZ Glue make system 1 1 Glue system has a main pot, carry pot and stock pot along with a glue cycle pump
QU air system set 1 Include one 0.6m³ air stock pot, air compressor
ZQ Steam heating set 1 Allocator, steam trap valve, gauge, boiler and tube
DQ Electrical control table set 1 Electrically controlled system, all line speed adjustments adopt electrical magnetic motor