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High Speed Printer Slotter and Die Cutter

Lead Edge Feed Corrugated Paperboard Ink Flexo Multi Printing
Slotter Die Cutter Stacker Stripper Machine

1. Technology Parameters
Model ZYK1400×2800-2HC+ZM
Board specifications (Max.) 1400×2900(mm)
Board specifications(Min.) 380×680(mm)
Print area(Max.) 1400×2800(mm)
Speed(Max.) 120 times/min
Paper roll diameter top :φ131; lower:φ175. (mm )
Print thickness 7.2(mm)
Embossing roller diameter φ175(mm)
Guide shaft diameter arm-shaft:φ85;lower shaft:φ175(mm)
Creasing shaft diameter φ110(mm)


Edge feeder device

2. Printing System
The high quality printing system of the printer slotter and die cutter features several roller components including a ceramic anilox roller, an embossing roller and a metal and rubber roller component. These rollers features a dynamic adjustment system that allows for excellent printing quality for your packaging materials.
The ink supply system is pneumatically controlled for easy operation and cleaning.

3. Slotter part
The slotter system is easy to operate and control through electric adjustment to reach the desired slotting phase and box size. The high hardness steel construction of the slotter makes for long lasting and consistent quality output.

4. Die cutting component
The chrome plated components of the die cutting component of the printer slotter and die cutter are long lasting and extremely precise parts. The automatic functionality of the die cutter creates high quality punches that can be used for high volume production without any loss of precision.

5. Stacker
The stacker unit of the equipment makes paperboard stacks up to 1.9 meters for fast and easy stacking functionality. The component features quick adjustment by hand and chain.

6. The Vibration stripping unit
The paperboard equipment features a vibration stripping unit that uses a motor to shake the machine and remove waste paper that can damage some of the working parts.

The final products of machine