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Semi-Automatic Flexo Printer Slotter

Functions and Characteristics
The semi-automatic flexo printer slotter is produced using components that are supplied by trusted brand names. The carton production machine is made using only the highest quality materials and can be trusted to perform reliably during its long working life.

Feeding Unit
The feeding unit of the printer slotter is computer controlled with an alarm unit for safety. The frequency controlled system can operate efficiently, saving about 30% more power compared to similar systems. An infrared photo electricity counter keeps track of the paper quantity, alerting the operator when more paperboard needs to be added.

Printing Unit
The printing unit of the machinery features a printing roller in landscape orientation that is controlled via touch screen interface. Each printing phase is performed using a planetary gear system with 360 degree adjustment.

Slotting Unit
The slotting phases of the equipment adopts a planetary gear drive that is adjustable up to 360 degrees. The slotting knife is made from a serrated high alloy steel blade for precision and extended working life.

The technical parameters
Model YSF1200 YSF1450 YSF1650
Diameter of roller 400MM 480mm 530MM
Max speed 60PCS 60pcs/min
Max feeding size 1200X(2200-2800) 14 50 x (2200-2800) mm 1650X(2200-2800)
Slot Min feeding size 330X600MM 350X 600 mm 380X600MM
Effective printing size 1200X(2000-2600) 1450x ( 2-2600)( mm 1650X(2000-2600)
The effective thickness 3.5.7ply (2-12mm) 3.5.7ply (2-12mm) 3.5.7ply (2-12mm)
Printing plate thickness 6±0.1 6±0.1 6±0.1
The max depth of slot 314 370 416
The final products of machine