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Automatic Sheet Feeder

The automatic sheet feeder is designed for the chain feeding of paperboard to printing, slotting and die cutting units of production lines. The feeder greatly reduces labor requirements and increases efficiency all while reducing waste.

Functions and characteristics
The cardboard size adjustment is completed using a screw roller system that can be performed by a single operator. The PLC auto program control of the equipment allows for fast and easy input of parameters for minimal stress and great efficiency. The double stretch power control is convenient and reliable.

Type of the machine 1600-3000mm
Speed 0-60p/min
Max height of the paperboard:paper pushing spacing minus 200mm
Min height of the paperboard 270mm
Brand of the electric appliance Siemens
Power of the dynamo 2.2kw (induced draft:3.0kw)
Wallboard 20mm
The conveyor belt wear-resisting
KSD Vacuum Style Auto Feeder

Feeding unit
The sheet size can be quickly adjusted by a single operator using a screw adjusting device and a convenient feeding table that is suitable for many kinds of paperboard.

Transmission unit
Transmission shafts are grooved for increased grip to ensure fast and smooth feeding.

Electric unit
PLC control for a high degree of automation and a photoelectric signal system that helps count the loaded pieces.

Available width of machine 1600 ~ 3000mm
Production speed 0-60 sheets/min
Max. sheet size 1500~2900mm
Min. sheet size 300mm