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Folder Gluer for Single Side Box

This model of auto folder gluer for single side boxes is an economic machine that is easy to use and features a flexible debugging function. The device can paste together various cardboard boxes such as medical boxes, cosmetics boxes and other small type boxes. The largest size it can produce is a 70 mm opening.

Major technical index
Type of boxex (Amax) (Amin) (Bmax) (Bmin) (Cmin) (Dmin) (Fmin)
box 700mm 70mm 520mm 70mm 8mm 60mm 40mm
Linear velocity 0~200m/min
Suitable paper quality 220~800g / m² carton paper
Paste box basic form One-side edge pastes, two-side edge pastes.
Feeding way Automatically and continuously feeding
Adhesive Solute type
Needed power AC220V 2.2KW
Weight 1500KG
Overall Size 5300×820×1300mm
The scope of Count 0~999999