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High Table Flute Laminator

The high table flute laminator features an automatic feed system that moves the bottom piece of corrugated board into the laminator for processing. The laminator is used to paste color-printed paper to the bottom piece of paper (cardboard or corrugated sheet). The precision of the device results in minimal defects, saving the operator money and time. The high quality finished cardboard products of the high table flute laminator are used to create high-end packaging for food, appliances and light industry products.

High Table Flute Laminator
Technical Parameters
Model TM1300Q TM1450Q TM1600Q
Max laminator size 1300mm×1100mm 1450 mm×1100mm 1600 mm×1100mm
Min laminator size 350mm×350mm 350mm×350mm 350mm×350mm
Speed 0-60m/min 0-60m/min 0-60m/min
Powere 4.5kw 4.5kw 4.5kw
Machine size 8.8m × 2.2 m×1.5m 8.8m × 2.35 m×1.5m 8.8X2.5X1.5
Weight 3T 3.3 3.5T