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High Speed Fly Sticky Trap Making MachineModel: HG868

The high speed fly sticky trap making machine is a top-of-the-line piece of equipment that offers a number of advantageous features. Its high performance makes it a popular choice among users in the market, including:

  • This sticky trap making machine features a fast and sturdy, reinforced roller coater in order to apply glue efficiently and reliably. It also includes a 150kg auxiliary glue melting tank and a 2m counting line, enhancing the production line's productivity and automated capabilities.
  • The roller coater is equipped with the ability to automatically dispense fish powder after the gluing process. Furthermore, without any issues such as clogging, fish powder or fish paste can also be directly added to the glue for automatic stirring production.
  • This sticky trap machine features three varieties of rollers to accommodate product needs for varied gluing widths.
  • Designed for efficient production, the trap making machine features a high-speed intermittent gluing function with adjustable glue quantity. At a rate of 18000 pieces per hour, it’s capable of producing paper or plastic film traps with or without printing.

Thanks to these diverse sets of functions, this high speed fly sticky trap making machine has a broad range of applications in the sticky trap industry,

Process steps

Automatic feeding - gluing (fish powder sprinkling) - folding - cutting into sheets of the requested specifications (flip flat) - counting (adjustable quantities)

Technical parameters
  • Maximum unwinding diameter: 800 mm
  • Inner core diameter: Ø 76 mm
  • Effective maximum gluing width: 42cm
  • Gluing uniformity: ± 5%
  • Production speed: 0~80m/min or 0~300 sheets/min
  • Range of gluing weight: 20~100g/㎡
  • Air pressure source: 5-7kgs/㎡
  • Power supply for equipment: AC380V